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That’s really all it’s about, staying excited.

From the initial contact, to the first meeting, to becoming a repeat, it’s all about keeping a sense of a spark. The spark looks different for everyone, and sometimes it feels a little odd or uncomfortable.

Like a regular that wants you to…

Oftentimes as a male escort the reason you’re selected out of the crowd is less to do with objective standards of beauty but something slightly different. It’s about tapping into nostalgia.

Rob (name made up) was my first and one of my longest “regulars”. It started out normal enough, but…

It starts out really weird. A couple of personal questions, like your height, weight, size, and orientation; a request for a few photos, all coming via your Google Voice number from a typically older guy. A unique and kind of degrading experience sure, but it’s all for the promise of…

In the world of extreme plenty and scarcity that we live in, it’s easy for the words we read and hear to divide us.

A time for serious debate

The primary cause of division is a resource-privileged, but often cash-strapped, view that the world needs to become what “sounds right”.

Freeing prisoners in the time…


Writing from my own experiences

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